About Katie's Hallmark

Located at 10730 South Cicero Avenue in Oak Lawn Illinois, Katie’s Hallmark celebrates 30 years of delivering quality products and exceptional service to area residents. Earning Hallmark’s distinguished Gold Crown Store, Katie’s Hallmark is one of the few stand-alone Hallmark stores remaining. "It feels like yesterday when my parents, wife Pat and I first cut the ribbon marking the opening of business for Katie's Hallmark." remarked store owner James P. Hallberg (Palos Heights). "Katie's Hallmark was named after my mother, Katherine or Kate, a woman who exemplified hard work. Katie's Hallmark remains a thriving local business because like my mother, the business was built upon the principles of hard work and dedication. As a result, I am proud to say Katie's Hallmark has built a customer base of generations of loyal patrons."

Co-managed by Christine Largent and Janet Stolarski, Katie’s Hallmark is known for the unique merchandise and superior customer service. Christine Largent explained "Over the years we have grown to know many of our customers on first-name basis. We have helped them select gifts and cards for so many of life’s most memorable occasions. We have witnessed their children grow, many of whom are now customer’s of Katie’s Hallmark themselves. It really has been an honor to be a small part of their lives."

Because Katie’s Hallmark is privately owned, it has the freedom to bring in unique quality merchandise from a variety of vendors that are not typically found at a corporately owned Hallmark stores. It is this commitment to always offering its customers fresh unique quality merchandise that keeps drawing customers back to the store. Janet Stolarski explained, "In addition to having Hallmark favorites like Willow Tree figurines and Yankee Candles, we carry a rich variety of products not found at your typical Hallmark store. We are committed to turning over the merchandise quickly in order to have a constant flow of new quality merchandise for our customers. Because we have such a good grasp on what our customers are looking for, nearly 99% of our customers leave with something in hand."

What Katie’s Hallmark is best known for is the superior, personalized service their customers receive. As soon as a patron walks through the doors, they are welcomed. Often, Katie’s employees walk the customer to the area of the store that houses what they are searching for. The staff has even been known to take phone orders from long-standing customers and bring the merchandise out to the cars of the elderly patrons who no longer can physically make it into the store. It is this level of customer service that helps keeps Katie’s Hallmark a thriving local favorite amongst the Oak Lawn business community.

A Hallmark Gold Crown Store

James P. Hallberg and his wife Pat Hallberg own Katie’s Hallmark which has attained the status of a Hallmark Gold Crown Store. It carries the widest selection of Hallmark greeting cards, stationery, gift wrap, and products for decorating and entertaining. Katie’s Hallmark also has personal accessories, baby and child gifts, and a number of specialized gifts from other vendors. We also offer the Crown Rewards store loyalty program, which lets our customers accumulate points. Introduced in 1994, this loyalty program is a great addition to the customer experience our patrons have at Katie's Hallmark.